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I Had A Psychic Reading Done And It Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever considered getting a psychic reading? What about a pregnancy psychic reading?

In this blog post, I will share my personal experience with a psychic reading that was incredibly accurate.

I believe it’s important to keep an open mind about these things, as you never know what might be revealed.

My Story And True Psychic Reading…

Before I got pregnant with my third child, I had a very difficult time conceiving.

After trying numerous fertility treatments and experiencing multiple losses, I turned to a well-known psychic for guidance.

I paid only $5 for the reading, and the psychic contacted me via email shortly after I submitted my request.

To my amazement, the psychic’s reading was incredibly accurate. She predicted that I would have difficulty conceiving and would need help, which was true.

She also correctly predicted that I would have a boy and that I would experience a loss before the baby was born — my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly just one week before I found out I was pregnant.

The psychic also predicted that I would be very sick with morning sickness during the first trimester, which was spot on.

She said that my labor and delivery would not go as planned, and indeed, I gave birth to my baby boy in less than an hour after arriving at the hospital.

The psychic also mentioned that the numbers 3 and 21 kept appearing to her, which made sense as this was my third child.

However, it wasn’t until my parents visited me in the hospital and announced that this was their 21st grandchild that the number 21 made sense.

The psychic also mentioned that there might be another child “out there” for me, a girl who would be very close in age to my new baby.

While this prediction has yet to come true, I feel that my family is complete, and am content with the three healthy children I have.

I found that this psychic reading was incredibly accurate down to certain details (it was chilling!) and provided me with much-needed guidance and comfort during a difficult time.

While I don’t believe that everyone needs to go out and get a psychic reading, I do think it’s important to keep an open mind and do your research before making any decisions.

However, this particular psychic has since retired and no longer offers this service. I was SO sad! But I completely understand! She wanted to focus on her children and growing family.

Read The Full Story Of My Psychic Reading

I had SO many women reach out to me after I initially posted this on my website (you can read the FULL story HERE).

Have you ever had a psychic reading done? Let me know in the comments section.




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