Thanks For Listening To Me

5 min readAug 9, 2023

I think when you are feeling upset or depressed, it is so important to be listened to. To be reassured you are cared about and to feel validated.

I know it helps me so much when someone just listens to me when I talk and doesn’t interrupt or try and throw words my way in order to make me feel comforted.

That isn’t how it should work. We all need someone to hear us and let us talk. Let us cry and let us say whatever we need to say to feel better about the shitty situation we are in.

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Woman looking at the ocean.
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This year has been a crappy year, especially at the very very beginning! I couldn’t believe everything that was happening at once.

And, it wasn’t just stupid things, it was LIFE CHANGING things. Things that completely and uttering turned my life upside down and sideways type of things.

I remember when this year first started and learning about several things that I was not ready to hear (are we EVER ready to hear shit news???).

It was so very difficult. I was (and still am at times), completely and utterly lost feeling. I felt like I am SOOOO alone and that was hard. I felt like I had no one who would understand me or what I was going through.

Then, I found out there are A LOT of people, especially women, who DID understand what I was going through and who felt the SAME way I was feeling.

In a way, I was relieved, but not relieved for others going through the same crap I was. Just relieved I was not alone

I am so glad that I had others to listen to me and understand my feelings. Helping me to feel validated and like I wasn’t crazy or stupid.

It was so important to me to have others who would listen to me and respond with helpful comments and replies.

There was only ONE time I posted (it was in a Facebook group that I posted in for the very first time EVER, spilling my heart out…) that I got some pretty rude responses.

I was shocked, to say the least. It was, after all, a group of Christian women who were going through the same stuff I was, but yet their responses to MY story were not what I was expecting.




Someone who is trying to get through life in one piece and be the best version of myself. I also want to try and help others who are hurting or sad.